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DM System
Written by Tavioc, Edited by Niklos

This is the write up of the DND based dice system used by the Remnant of Lordaeron. This is a D20 system with modifiers per the character's skill with a challenge D20 threshold for special attempts beyond general combat.

This system is an emote first, then roll for result system.

Here is an example of threshold set rolls

Joshua is trying to spot a hidden door in a storyline that Abel is running. Joshua is a pretty observant guy and has a +1 on perception. The door however is very concealed so Abel assigns a threshold of 15 to spot the door. Joshua rolls a d20+1 and his score is 17. Joshua spots the secret door and is able to claim the treasure inside.

Here is an example of the opposed rolls

Tavioc and Charlene are in the training grounds shooting bows at a target. Let’s say for the sake of argument Tavioc’s modifier with bows is +3 and Charlene’s is +1. Tavoic rolls d20+3 and Charlene Rolls d20+1. Tav’s roll is 10 and Charlene’s roll is 15. This would mean that Charlene hit closer to the target than Tavioc. Tavioc congratulates her on her well-placed shot.

Character Modifiers

Please see Character Sheet Template