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General Information

Full Name: Dame Fhera Kinsley Beaumont
Commonly used or Given Name: Fhera
Title(s): Knight of the Silver Hand, Priestess in the Argent Crusade
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Profession: Paladin

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 135 lbs
Body Type: Slendor
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Pale blue/grey

Physical Description:


(I apologize in advance for the length!)

Fhera Kinsley Beaumont was born in Lordaeron to a modest farming family who had taken up land in a quiet corner of the kingdom. She grew up under the influence of her lightly mother who instilled a deep devotion to serve others as an agent of the Light. Much of her youth was spent under the tutelage of the priests in the Church of the Holy light, where her studious nature had landed her an apprenticeship that would see most of her time with her nose pressed into books written by the great scholars of the Church. Though, as much as her respect for the light guided her in her studies, it was the stories of Uther the Lightbringer and his fabled paladins that truly intrigued and inspired her.

When her time as an apprentice had come to its proper end, Fhera traveled to Light’s Hope Chapel as a newly appointed Priestess of the Church of the Holy Light eager to devote her time to those in need. She quickly proved her proficiency in healing and through her inherent tenderness, developed a reputation as a priestess of endless kindness and compassion. Her simple, wholesome nature drew friends and admirers alike, and it was not long before a knight of the Silver Hand, equally virtuous in nature, caught her eye. The paladin courted her and the two were eventually wed in a ceremony before family and friends alike. Fhera was equally blissful in both her service to the Light and to her new husband.

Not long into their marriage, the pair learned of the shocking news of a betrayal beyond belief, coupled with the news of the end of the paladin order of the Silver Hand. True to her nature, Fhera was resolved to lend support however she could to the dismayed order, and the married couple pledged their aid to the newly formed Argent Dawn. When the Argent Dawn, now reformed into the Argent Crusade was called upon to travel to Northrend, Fhera heeded it without question and made way for the frozen wasteland. It was here that tragedy struck the couple, as Fhera’s husband was felled at the hands of the scourge and her harmonious world was shattered. The grief-stricken priestess was inconsolable, and returned with her departed husband to Elwynn Forest to see his body buried among the other heroes of his family.

Days and months passed and still Fhera remained in the southern kingdom mourning her loss. The once light-hearted woman who had long served others affected by tragedy, now was at a loss as to how to help herself. She withdrew from her priestly duties into a state of introspection, spending much of her time wandering within the comfort of the Northshire Abby. It during her daily walks that she came across a group of young paladins training under the watchful eye of a solemn knight. For the first time in months, Fhera felt a spark of light well up within her at the thought of herself training as a paladin. Her head felt as if it were spinning at the thought of being able to not only honor her late spouse, but also to find purpose once more in the name of the light and believe the Light would grant her the spiritual strength to fight to make up for her lack of physical strength.

The solemn knight, much to his chagrin, obliged her wishes thinking it to be a burden of her grief that would be quelled at the first training session. Fhera, to his unknowing, was staunchly committed to her decision, and so the training began. To everyone’s surprise, the young woman proved to have potential and she was allowed to continue alongside the other squires under the direct supervision of Roland Martell. The two developed a mutual respect of the other, and Fhera emphatically channeled every ounce of her renewed purpose and energy into wielding the light as a weapon.

Most recently, Fhera took up arms alongside Roland and his paladins against the Legion in the Broken Shores. For her bravery and seemingly endless vigor, Fhera was knighted as a Paladin of the Silver Hand, and she has since returned to Stormwind newly inspired and emboldened.
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