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Deep in enemy terrain, a good two days hike from the nearest resuppy, you find yourself dehydrated, starving, and seeking shelter for the night. Are those sweet smelling berries good for you, or poison? Is that stream potable, and it's fish able to be eaten without a fire? Talking about fire, it's getting cold, but enemies are near. How will you survive the night without giving away your position? All this and more can, and will, be answered at our upcoming Woodland Survival and Provisioning (Wasp) Training this coming week. Tear off one of the below sheets, fill them out, and drop them in your local mailbox. Your Scout Leaders will get back to you on times and locations. Remember, you can't kill your target if you are dead, so survive no matter what!
Gangrel, Wolf of Silverpine
aka 'Josh'

Below you find strips of paper with a list of questions and a mailing address Care of Sister Bristol Sophia, Elwnn Forest.
  • Who are you? (optional)
  • When could you do this?
  • What experience do you have surviving outside a city with preparation?
  • What experience do you have "improvising" surviving?
  • Would you like to teach others your specific skill?

OOC: Ok, so I NEED someone with real boy/girl/cub/wolf/eagle/panda scout training that can either do an info dump on me to review before this, or are willing to speak during the event. If your character would be an expert in a certain field, tell me this along with if you would want to talk during the event. I need to honestly know how many are legit interested in this event from both the role of speaker and attendee. As many of our leadership will tell you, events like this take planning and in this case a lot of research, so I would rather sit on this and work on it until we have a good group than rush it out and it end up "Open RP, in the middle of nowhere." You can shoot me messages on Discord OOC or In-Game IC. If you have an info dump for me and don't want to talk, I can shoot you my casual email for sending that. Either way, I'll be reviewing responses this week to decide if this event is one day next week early evening, or TBD.
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