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General Information

Full Name: Bristol Sophia Beckworth

Commonly used or Given Name: Sister Bristol

Title: Lady

Age: Thirty-six

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Profession: Librarian/Priestess

Order: Holy

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Body Type: Slender and petite

Hair Color: Chestnut brown

Eye Color: Golden hazel

Physical Description:


Bristol Sophia Beckworth belonged to a noble house in Lordaeron long before it's tragic fall, being pampered to become a priestess of the Light just like her grandmother. On her twelfth name day, the young freckled girl would be arranged to marry another noble house's young lord who was eager to become a paladin. Those bright hazel eyes could not have grown any wider when she heard the news, making her more self conscious about her unruly curls and petite stature.

Oh, how she wishes those were the extent of the problems to come, for before she could take his last name the Scourge had terrorized her precious home.

The young girl's cake had not even turned when they came, letting out blood curdling howls into the crisp air. Their voices sent shivers that combed her bowels, making fear set in at an early age of those undead. Being stuffed into a burlap sack in the kitchen's pantry, shoved behind the other burlap sacks filled with potatoes, she waited. What felt like days were only hours as her home was ransacked by those vile creatures, tearing her family apart upstairs like some ravenous celebration feast.

Petrified with anguish and horror, little Bristol silently sobbed for two days in that pantry, eating what breads and cheeses were left to rot by cadavers she once called family.

After the demise of Lordaeron, the Knights of the Silverhand had come forth as the citizen's cavalry, only to find bloody gobbets of meat and few fortunate survivors scattered about in precarious places. Each house, if not burnt to ashes, was checked thoroughly for inhabitants to save or Scourge to purge. What were her parents were put into the ground long before Bristol was ever found, too frightened to call out for help lest she was eaten by one of the cold ones. It was only when her quiet sobbing was heard did a Knight of the Silverhand named Adrian find her, taking the traumatized child to care for her.

Now a librarian even to this day, that pale freckled woman lives a peaceful and simple life away from her ghastly past.
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